What is a consultancy?

WINGSTOSELL blog: what is a consultancy?

We launch the WINGSTOSELL blog solving one of the biggest questions in the world of business terms: what is a consultancy? In addition, we will also comment on other unknowns related to this topic such as: why are they necessary? or what are its functions?

This professional practice is based on knowledge, skill and experience. And it can be defined as: specialized advisory service in which support is given to an organization, business or company with the aim of creating specific solutions to certain problems. The main purpose of this professional activity is to help the company to achieve certain strategic objectives such as competitiveness and productivity, through the analysis of its management and the discovery of new opportunities.

This work exercise can be developed at different administrative and operational levels, for which there are specialized consultancies in many areas of work: international business, international trade, strategic consulting…

Functions of a consultancy

The main function of this service is to ensure that companies achieve their objectives and increase their profitability by improving their skills and productivity. In other words, the mission of consultancies is to advise, offer support, guidance and underpin to other companies on certain aspects. Its functions include the following aspects:

Throughout its trajectory, every business needs, at some point, the advice of a consultant. Either continuously or simply for a one-off management or project. In WINGSTOSELL, Amazing Projects, we offer business consulting services and are experts in international trade. Are you interested in achieving success? Contact us and we will explain how we can help you!